KeyRocket is a software that alerts the user of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint , Windows Explorer and Visual Studio whenever it recognizes that a specific series of mouse actions were performed. I reported it back to them. Thanks a lot for the article.

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KeyRocket – Daily Dose of Excel

Orphaned articles from June All orphaned articles Articles with a promotional tone from July All articles with a promotional tone Articles with multiple maintenance issues Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. Teaches What You Need to Know KeyRocket's teaching algorithms and user interface were developed through research at one of Germany's top universities. No Configuration Needed KeyRocket is smart and works right out of the box. I would be overjoyed if someone could prove me wrong.

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There are a couple dozen Shortcuts exclusive to KeyRocketi. Increase ROI on software training KeyRocket allows your experts to focus on core concepts instead of teaching software fundamentals. Power Point Time Saving. First, I like that when you click the Download button, you not only go to the download instructions, but the file downloads automatically instead of having to click another link.

Stay in the flow Keyboard shortcuts allow you to focus on your work without distracting mouse clicks.

KeyRocket - Wikipedia

Increase productivity in Excel, PowerPoint and more Keyboard shortcuts are vital for efficient creation of analysis and presentations. Your email address will not be published. It was developed by Veodin Software, a Berlin-based start-up company. This article has multiple issues.

Constantly Learning KeyRocket is always learning - constantly recalibrating its recommendations based on your current level of knowledge. KeyRocket helps users to save time by teaching them on the available shortcuts for applications like Power Point, Word, Excel and Outlook. Factor in the number of websites that list keyboard-scuts for MS products and the number of scuts it s possible for the average user to remember.

Views Read Edit View kegrocket. Have been using it for three months now. KeyRocket is installed in many corporate environments and works with firewalls and proxies.

KeyRocket for Gmail™

If I remember correctly, it prevented me from stepping through code using F8. It messed up my VBE commands. Joining Two Dimensional Arrays. After you've learned a shortcut, KeyRocket stops showing recommendations for that action.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Create Your Own Shortcuts KeyRocket lets you assign a custom keyboard shortcut for almost any function. Fellow keyboarder, Peter, said I should try KeyRocket. Learn on the keyrovket, no training time needed Receive 45 additional shortcuts and create your keyrockket Save time for you and your whole team Enjoy to unlock your Office potential with KeyRocket What Is KeyRocket? Company Benefits KeyRocket is a software tool that helps users embrace keyboard shortcuts, boosting productivity and job satisfaction.

Retrieved from " https: KeyRocket is a software tool that makes you more productive with keyboard shortcuts. Is there a standard version? Just to clarify on my last post as it might have come across a bit negative.

I have a couple of thoughts about the install process. Keyrocket's functionality will be limited to Windows Explorer after the trial period of days, unless one commits to buy the software.



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