Agents can set preferences and submit overtime availability as well as trade shifts and request vacation or absences, all from MyTime, increasing employee engagement and loyalty. Turning customer journeys into profitable journeys. Advanced, but simple to use features, also include the setting of availability and shift trades. It would be great to be able to swap shifts with more freedom.

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My Life, MyTime

Embrace automated efficiency The system can be set to automatically approve or deny shift requests and trades, based on skill-traffic demand, so etleopti can focus on business needs and analytics rather than administration. Reducing manual tasks, across all areas of workforce management, gives resource planners and team leaders time to concentrate on strategic issues.

Using clear and simple pages, users can clearly see all activities during a day, when they are scheduled for lunch, what time they finish, what overtime they are working.

Karim Chabane at Teleopti reveals how to work as a team and outlines several Workforce Management WFM practices to bring a meeting of minds in No blame game and no excuses, just honesty and execution.

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Naturally notifications and messages can be viewed so you can quickly know of any changes. URL can be wrong since I am getting it from their Teleopti website. Advanced, but simple to use features, also include the setting of availability and shift trades. Manage teleoptu schedules and communicate with employees from anywhere. By complementing and supporting each other we can truly understand the different needs. Information Seller Teleopti AB. Companies need the best to be the best.

See the latest insights and news from Teleopti. Fixed a critical bug. Fixed some minor defects. IT Operations Manager I organize the technology behind our customer communications.

Setting availability is a great feature for many agents, but especially for part time workers such as students, who need to be able to vary their work times.

Commitment Committed to promises and endurance through tough times. Works better than what my company was using previously though.

MyTime Self-Service Mobile App & Portal | Teleopti

Professionalism Professional in judgements and decisions. Improve Stability Improve QR code functionality. Enabling employee engagement worldwide Involving and motivating your team is more than an added bonus. Users can easily notify any absence due to sickness, request vacation, and check the status of a request.

Teleopti and the Teleopti logo are trademarks of Teleopti. Leading WFM innovation Our complete focus is on creating a best-of-breed solution, second to none.

Account Options Sign in. Users can view their schedule day by day, week by week or month by month. And we want to make each other better through collaboration. Free employee scheduling, time off requests, and team communication.

A telopti of Teleoptimists. Key features of MyTime mobile app: Waiting times have fallen by 33 percent while customer satisfaction has increased by 7 percent. Ensure informed, data-driven decisions for ongoing success, in the present and the near or far future Report analysis Business intelligence Intraday management Real-time follow-up Explore features. But who are we?

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He explores how to transform your customer service from a cost center into a profit-making powerhouse using Workforce Management. IT Operations Manager I organize the technology behind our customer communications. Join telropti 1, businesses using Teleopti WFM to empower their workforce planning and humanize the workplace.



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