Posted by James A Swist - 18 Oct I have updated both my acrobat adobe PDF reader and office , but the problem wasn't solved Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers attempt to trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services.

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TimesNewRomanPSMT font

Tell us about your experience with our site. If you are using an earlier version, try updating it. There is usually no need to embed these fonts because they are part of the "Base 14" fonts that are required to be available in every PDF viewer or processor. If you export as.

You can check for that by bringing up the fonts view in Windows. So the printed document looks weird like it is in the pdf file.

For example this one: What I would try is to create a simple file in e. Does the document still print correctly? Dov is working for Adobe and used to working with confidential customer files. The "TM" Timesnewroamnpsmt wrote in my last message should be read "MT" as a reference to the list of fonts that I have documented in my previous messages.

Free Times New Roman Psmt Fonts

Or, just type "fonts" into he search field in the ti,esnewromanpsmt menu. I'll report the outomes. You need special tools to dig into a font to see these different names. Posted by Piotr Kolodziej - 17 Oct For this reason I need a way to include "ArialMT" in the file.

Font changes from times new roman to times new roman psmt after saved as pdf

Otherwise, send me a personal message via the forums and I will provide you with a mechanism to get the file s to me. But times new roman and times new roman display in different way as shown in figures below: Posted by Rob Tuley tinesnewromanpsmt 17 Oct In order to obtain the embedding of the missing fonts in timensewromanpsmt files, I am currently moving to use one of the plug-ins for Acrobat that include this feature and for which I have found good references in other posts: In reply to Suzanne S.

You can see the spacing between the alphabets changed, but the root cause is unidentified I wish to keep timessnewromanpsmt the text in times new roman instead of times new roman psmt, anyone knows how to solve this problem? Barnhill Replied on June 3, I will confirm what Karl Heinz Kremer has reported.

I understand that oftentimes the files people are having problems with are confidential and cannot be shared publicly.

Please let me add the following information: You may want to take Dov up on his offer to take a look at your files. I am using word When I saved my document timdsnewromanpsmt word "Save as" function, the font changes from times new roman to times new roman psmt.

Tijesnewromanpsmt can not post a blank message. The alphabets still stick together like the screenshot attached on the previous reply. These "MT" names are the font's PostScript names. This is times new roman This one is times new roman psmt: What should I do?

To make my question clearer, I attached two images captured from my documents for explanation. Thank you to all who contributed their comments and help.



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