Risana killed

Risana killed

After all she killed another human being. Retrieved 27 January Shariah law is the most fairest of laws that treats everyone equally. However in this case just like many cases involving expats in middle-east, a propper hearing has not taken place.

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Farzan - Kalutara Wednesday, 9 January Muhammad Wednesday, 9 January Same is happening in Sri Lanka as for power is concerned. She was found guilty of murdering a child Majority of the sponsors treat our women like animals. Tuesday, 1 January Rash Wednesday, 9 January In this case do you think Rezana killed the infant?

Rizana Nafeek executed - Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka Latest Breaking News and Headlines

Despite an international campaign for clemency, that verdict was ratified by the interior ministry. There are enough of jobs for them in Sri Lanka. If this punishment was meted in a non Muslim country, all the comments which have been made by Muslims would have been different. Throughout I prayed to God to spare her life. Her parents alleged that her passport was forged to adjust the year of birth to[3] to avoid rules stopping those under the age of 18 being recruited in Sri Lanka for work abroad.

Ashwin Wednesday, 9 January Shows how much regard they have for him.

Nafeek was beheaded on 9 Januarydespite an appeal from the government of Sri Lanka. What a Barbaric Act?

Cause what islam for these guys. It is appropriate to say Saudi law, not sharia law, sharia law has provision for intention of risaha person convicted.

This group came to be known as the Sunnis. Em Wednesday, 9 January Any Asian country should not send their people to this bloody country.

The mother of the child too must be excited for leaving the child in the hands of an unknown three day old maid which is totally careless and which contributed to the death of the child. This is the reality of an amazing country of ours For them I feel this is spitefull revenge.

Lets try our best Reply: John Wednesday, 9 January Shan Wednesday, 9 January Plaitha Wednesday, 9 Riisana Please read what Rimzan Hassan has said. That was an accident.

Rizana Nafeek

Nafeek was sentenced to death in for smothering the four-month-old boy while working as his nanny. Modaya Wednesday, 9 January How many trips were made by government officers what they achieved? The website also has the right not to publish selected comments.



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I am sorry, it at all does not approach me.