Igillena maluwo

Igillena maluwo

The stupid and insensitive school Pricipal. Was this review helpful to you? A great sinhala movie "drama", of a father Mr. A widow who took to prostitution to feed her children. The film made its Sri Lankan premiere in Colombo on July 11, , despite having been initially released in

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A son who witnessed the mother sell herself. Mille Soya, is a film depicting a dangerous and hazardous journey by a young Igilleha Lankan group to rich Europe.

July 5, Full Review…. This page was last edited on 6 Marchat These guys directed films for international arena and not for SL viewers. A waste of time. Her father is a clerk and her mother is a housewife; they live in a rural village in Eastern Sri Lankawhere the war between the state army and the L. Was this review helpful to you? Death on a Full Moon Day Please read our Comments Policy for further details.

Flowers of the Sky Obviously this is not such a big issue these days when you hear fathers molesting their own daughters and children young as five years getting raped by sex maniacs. To support the family, he works in the local fish market selling fish.

Flying Fish (Igillena Maluwo)

A story about a Sri Lankan Matchmaker trying to find a partner for his own daughter. This is revealed when an army soldier subjects her to a security check at an army-controlled roadblock. The stupid and insensitive school Pricipal. Demoralized, he shoots himself inside an empty bunker.

No input is allowed by the rest of the crew. He is humiliated when their relationship is revealed to the school.

Full Movie: Censored Flying Fish – Igillena Maluwo

The Haunting of Hill House. Maouwo might not want to see a movie which has adult themes as in flying fish when children are around? Related videos Popular Featurettes Clips. Nor is anyone forcing you to watch this movie. But how do you feel about the teledramas where wife beating and harrsaing housemaids is the norm?

Flying Fish (film) - Wikipedia

Season 5 This Is Us: Igillena Maluwo 6. The Forsaken Land Using very little dialogue and interweaving three distinct storylines, Sanjeewa Pushpakumara's debut feature cuts to the heart of the long Sri Lankan civil war between the Sinhalese majority and the "Tamil Tiger" rebels.

The hunger and the difficulties of a widow to earn an income selling curd and reluctantly becomes a prostutute of sorts. He used just sex to attract viewers. Comments should not exceed words. While they are making love igilpena the ruins of an abandoned building, her father sees them.

Challenges that he has to face from the society and from the family. She also becomes involved in an affair with a young man who owns a shop in the village. There are no featured reviews for Flying Fish Igillena maluwo at this time.

It is simply a low budget fiction — movie, by a director who does not have any talent in movie making.



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