Cadmus rapid inspector

Cadmus rapid inspector

JBC will only publish one eLetter per year per author. Non-Latin characters should be enclosed in parentheses after the transliterated version see example below. Click here for more information regarding validation reports. Most authors will submit their manuscripts as Research Articles. Image resolution Figures must be prepared with the proper resolution for publication to avoid inaccurate presentation of the data.

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This format is meant for concise but complete papers that present information of high novelty and significance and of broad interest to readers of JBC.

Referees of Research Articles are given 14 days to complete their assessment of the study. All supporting tables and figures must be of high quality. Numerical data should be reported with the number of significant digits that corresponds to the magnitude of experimental uncertainty. Authors are asked to carefully consider the long-term availability of the website in question and to use official or community-supported sites whenever possible; JBC is not responsible for the long-term archiving and maintenance of any third party hosted site.

Introduction Should present the purpose of the study and its relationship to earlier work in the field; it is not meant to be an extensive review of the literature. October 24, Epigenetic modification of miR controls mitochondria-to-nucleus retrograde signaling and tumor progression. This format is a bit more compatible with other programs, but the computer that inspecor file is opened on must have the same fonts installed for the image to look right. With Macs, this is no problem.

Preparing the manuscript text Authors should prepare their manuscript in Microsoft Word 6. Figures and figure legends Legends should contain sufficient detail to make the figure easily understood.

Cadmus Rapid Inspectorâ„¢ Help

Authors should submit the manuscript file, any Supporting Information files, and, if desired, a cover letter via our online submission site.

Most Supporting Information can be submitted as a single pdf file; this pdf should begin with the title of the article, the names of the authors, and a list of the material included. Written approval for all personal communications, exactly as written in the text, should be available upon request. For assistance with grammar, vocabulary, organization or style, authors are welcome to engage professional revising, editing, and proofreading services.

Non-Latin characters should be enclosed in parentheses after the transliterated version see example below. Title Should be intelligible to JBC readers who are not specialists in the field and should convey your essential points clearly. Rapid Inspector enables authors to preflight their graphic files using the unique specifications of the publisher's journal.

Excessive file compression can distort images, so files should be carefully checked after compression. Any additional data supporting the research reported in a manuscript but not essential for the interpretations presented in the text may be included in Supporting Information.

Instructions for authors New JBC will no longer ask for transfer of copyright on accepted papers for manuscripts initially submitted on or after January 1,but a license to publish. If there are no conflicts of interest for any author, the following statement should be inserted: JBC will only publish one eLetter per year per author.

Exporting images to submit to Cadmus, a company that handles publication for many journals.

Keywords Should include at least five keywords from this list. Should include all relevant information regarding data collection and analysis sample sizes, quantification methods, etc.

In cases where authors have made data available in an interactive way on a website that cannot be translated to a static file or where authors need to refer to websites where they obtained or analyzed data, a link to the relevant website may be provided.

Depending on your journal's requirements, here are the best formats to submit: Acronyms or abbreviations may be used without definition in the title, but authors should strive to limit abbreviations for clarity.

For database hyperlinks to be generated automatically, the citation must appear as a footnote and be written as follows:. Pre-submission inquiries Authors considering submitting a manuscript to JBC that are unsure about the fit of their work to the scope of the journal can feel free to contact the editorial team.

Running title Should be at the top of each page except the first, inspsctor it should appear below the author affiliations. If references are used in this section, a list should be placed at the end. If related research is in press or under review elsewhere, the abstracts or electronic reprints of these manuscripts should accompany submission to JBC. Inapector should prepare their manuscript in Microsoft Word 6. However, if desired, rapud may choose to reiterate any of this information or to include a brief description of the novelty and significance of the work cadmks a separate cover letter.

Manuscripts reporting studies of human or other animal subjects must include appropriate statements regarding experimental review; see details here.



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