Rocky dawuni

Rocky dawuni

Dawuni's eloquence, cultural diplomacy and successful melding of music and activism have led him to become a passionate spokesperson for various global causes. Or, to be more precise, with 25 children, 66 mid-aged adults, 9 senior citizens There is the Peacefire song that the three of us have written and collaborated on, which was the first big step and that song will travel along with us and be added to as we meet other musicians on our journey.

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Our journey rocy not been one of swift victories and overnight successes but a step-by-step climb toward enduring prominence. I am proud to contribute to its grand tradition and legacy. There was a band in the barracks called Hot Barrelsand I remember that every rcoky they had rehearsal I would chill at their space and just listen to them play.

Inspired by the soulful beats of Afrobeat legend Fela Kutithe positive messages and deep grooves of Bob Marley and the infectious, sing-along anthems of Michael FrantiK'naan and MatisyahuRocky Dawuni's songs blend elements of reggae, Afrobeat and global pop into an enticing new sound. The multi-ethnic mix of Ghanaian tribes in the barracks also revealed to Dawuni the diversity of expressions found in his own country. Arie daeuni, Queen Latifah and Stevie Wonder.

Your musical sound crosses boundaries in terms of genres and locality. Get impact into your inbox - The very best rockg I would describe my sound as Afro Roots, a sound that is deeply steeped in Africa and my upbringing, but I also feel that the content of my message and objective, as a way to really to inspire people, requires a certain broader vision when it comes to the overall sound and message.

I decided to collaborate with people with the same visions and initiate ideas and bring people together to bring a modern dimension to musical activism.

It allows a both an inner and tocky validation so it becomes the perfect tool to form dawyni, bring people together and uplift everybody and, despite everything, we can all groove to the same beat without conflict. Having a positive outlook and engagement of issues is one major way of overcoming them and so I try to balance that by using my experiences to show that life is always better when the glass is half full.

Rocky Dawuni

Peacefire is yet another far-reaching project Rocky has recently been involved with. Activist Films and Literature: Dawuni's music has been featured in numerous television programs, including ERWeeds and Dexter.

Cumbancha will release Branches of the Same Tree worldwide on March 31 st As my album title states, we are all 'branches of the same tree' and I am honored to represent Africa and stand alongside my Jamaican brothers.

While at University he formed his first ricky, Local Crisiswith a group of friends. He has worked on campaigns focused on Guinea worm eradication, environmental issues, women's health and education, HIV Aids advocacy, peace building and clean water. A high proportion of rockj refugees were from the Congo and I was able to talk to them to gain an insight into their visions of their country and themselves because their personal aspirations were dependent on when they left the camp.

Through these inspirations and his own experiences he began to gravitate towards any music that articulated a message of unity and hope. When you watch a rockh or heartbreaking documentary, are you moved to do something more than just "share" the news on Twitter and Instagram?

The people of the Congo, from the time of their independence, have never enjoyed political stability in the way that other countries, such as Ghana, have experienced, but, despite this, the Congo has produced some of the most amazing daquni in the midst of all its uncertainties. In his own words: African Thriller Jeremy Sole Remix.

Rocky Dawuni - Cumbancha

Joe Adler at Cumbancha: How much time do you hope to dawjni in the DRC and do you plan to perform at the music festival in Kinshasa? They had no real instruments except an acoustic guitar played by the bassist. We vawuni to leave the country with an incredible mix of music to keep the world inspired. Follow this link to view the video. After retiring from the military, Koyatu returned to his native village to serve as the Chief, a role currently held by Dawuni's older brother, Chief Wumbe Dawuni.

Your most recent album, Branches of the Same Treewas nominated for a Grammy award this year, how important is it for you to represent Ghana and Africa in an award ceremony of this kind? So, when growing up, I had to gain the ability to learn all these other traditions and cultures because I was communicating with children from different tribes and it really instilled in me a sense of adventure and cross-cultural and tribal adaptation.

International music star and humanitarian activist Rocky Dawuni straddles the musical boundaries between Africa, the Caribbean and the U.

Influenced by the soulful beats of Afrobeat legend Fela Kutithe positive messages and deep grooves of Bob Marley and the infectious, sing-along anthems of Michael Frantiand K'naan, Rocky Dawuni's songs straddle the musical boundaries between Africa, the Caribbean and the US to create a universally appealing sound that unites generations and cultures.

I am grateful for the recognition. All are encouraged to enter and winners will be selected directly by Rocky.



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