MARXAN considers that including into a reserve system a site that contains a particular feature will ensure the persistence of that feature, even though surrounding sites may not be included in the reserve system, and may therefore be ecologically compromised. Planners must determine which spatial features will be considered, how much of each feature is to be conserved, and how data gaps and current limitations will be addressed. Marxan relies upon a mathematical equation not a model to meet constraints with a number of good solutions.

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PacMARA ยป Overview of Marxan

However, costs must be represented in the same unit, combined as an index, or run independently under separate Marxan scenarios. Advanced Topics in Marxan Workshop This one-day interactive and discussion workshop is similar to Marxan for Managers, but more technically-focused.

Marxan software marxzn FREE. Marxan includes or excludes planning mqrxan in a conservation network based on information about the distribution of conservation features across your planning region.

Divide the area into planning units; 4.

Complex natural resource management problems can have millions of potential solutions- how do you choose one that meets all of your goals? Marxan also has the flexibility to support participatory planning processes and to help identify outcomes acceptable to multiple stakeholders.

Using Marxan also requires involved parties to agree on quantitative conservation targets or ranges of targets and which socio-economic data to include early in the process in a transparent and explicit manner. MARXAN is the most widely used systematic reserve planning software in the world, [1] and has been used to create the marine reserve network on the Great Barrier Reefin QueenslandAustraliathe largest marine protected area in the world.

What are the steps in a Marxan analysis? It was a product of Ian R. In order to address a complex multi-criteria problem, several sites will be marxn since many criteria are often mutually exclusive e. The equation that Marxan uses is: In addition, having multiple solutions to choose from helps madxan stakeholder driven decision making processes. Marxan incorporates best scientific information and makes the costs and benefits of alternative decisions clear, leading to more informed decision making.

What are some advantages of using Marxan? How much time you choose to invest in acquiring data can be highly variable and will largely depend on whether you are risk adverse to uncertainty or biases in your dataset.

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Decision support tools can be useful in a variety of capacities. It will not produce a final network of reserves, and results must be fine-tuned to consider the full range of political, socio-economic and practical factors. No single site, or even a small group of sites, maxran likely to fill all of the objectives. What does the tool do?

It marsan the most widely used conservation planning tool globally. Identify features, marxab best available data; 3. Magxan was designed primarily to help inform selection of new conservation areas, while considering the contributions of existing management designations. Where does Marxan fit into a network planning process? Marxan does not consider uncertainty in the data so the quality of what you put in is reflected in the results generated.

Views Read Edit View history. Marxan relies upon a mathematical equation not a model to meet constraints with a number of good solutions. Marxan is a tool to guide systematic multi-objective planning. This one-day interactive and discussion workshop is similar to Marxan for Managers, but more technically-focused.

mqrxan Marxan has also been used to support multiple-use zoning plans that balance the varied interests of stakeholders. We owe much to Andrew Taplin for this initial support.

Ball's PhD thesis, while he was a student at the University of Adelaide inand was supervised and funded by Hugh Possinghamwho currently holds a Federation Fellowship at the University of Queensland.

Targets are the amount of each feature that the program is instructed to select e. How does the software work?

Why use systematic conservation planning tools like Marxan?



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