Powersim studio 9

Powersim studio 9

Similarly it now becomes undefined when the variable element limit is decreased below the number of elements required by its dimensions. The Oil Production Simulation model illustrates several of the new features introduced in this feature pack. Added unit consistency check in the Copy Value action to prevent copying in cases where the units of the source and the destination don't match. The functionality will be refined in the up-coming releases of Studio.

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The release contains a whole row of new features. It is now possible to lowersim one or more project-wide Database Connections represented by placeholders. Now Studio reopens the last active project without any message. Fixed a problem with the Save Excel Document action that prevented the "If file exists" option from working properly when no file extension was provided.

Powersim Studio 9 - Should I Remove It?

For problems related to databases you can see the involved SQL query, for problems related to OData services you can pkwersim the involved resource URI, and for problems related to Excel you can see the involved area. The amount of memory used to store all elements of all variables in the active simulation is now displayed in the Statistics page of the Project Information dialog.

This problem occurred if the simulation was saved without external data having been loaded in the session. The provided credentials are passed to database connections that have been configured to use studil project-wide session credentials, allowing run-time data access control.

This makes it possible to have formulas in Excel defining both the length of the resulting enumeration and its elements. This action saves an Excel document created by a preceding Create Excel Document action. Introduced the Save Excel Podersim action. Fixed a problem that could cause the Studio Dataset to read and write incorrect values when used with derived units of measure.

What is Powersim Studio 9 Express?

Fixed a problem that caused the integer MOD operator to incorrectly return a finite number when used with a non-finite operand. With this dialog end users can change placeholder values. This problem occureed when the number of elements in a dynamic dimension was reduced during reset of the simulation. It is now possible to configure the model from Sidekick windows by changing placeholder values with the GetPlaceholderValue and SetPlaceholderValue methods.

It is studlo possible to configure Studio to automatically save file recovery information for project files. This can improve performance when resetting the simulation in combination with re-dimensioning.

Table, Slider, Sutdio to display incorrect values for accumulated series variables with type Integer. Fixed a problem that caused Studio to consider all periods to be of the same length in flow calculations involving average series variables. Fixed a problem that powersum the ID of a variable to be included in the text when using the "Copy as Text" command in the Equations Window. The functionality will be refined in the up-coming releases of Studio.

Studio now displays a more user-friendly error message when no definition has been provided for variables and ranges. A newer version is either generated from autosaved recovery information or by saving a copy of the project file after a critical event occurred.

Fixed a problem that caused the Elements column of the Equations Window to not be updated when a dynamic range was changed. Instead the text is shortened to fit into the avaliable space. Fixed a problem that could cause Studio to stop working if a submodel was deleted.

Fixed a problem that caused Studio to stop working if saving a file opened as read-only to the same file name. Improved handling of Excel file formats and extensions in the Spreadsheet dataset and the Save Excel Document action.

Fixed a problem regarding Far East languages that could cause characters to overlap in the definition field of the Variable Definition property page. Fixed a problem that sometimes caused Studio to stop working when resetting a model containing dynamic-range-dimensioned series variables that are used powersom parameters in for instance Time Graphs. The Peak parameter for the first element was incorrectly used for all elements.

Powersim Studio 9 is launched! | Powersim Software

The first release of Powersim Studio 9 supports a new platform, introduces a new edition, and contains a number of new features as well as some improvements and bug fixes. It is now possible to delete the last diagram of a variable without having to delete the variable.

Fixed a problem that prevented Studio from completing recovery for a file when all recovered versions of the file had been deleted in the File Recovery pane of the Task Assistant window. SIM files containing co-models.

This problem occurred only when the current file was opened as read-only.



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