Operatiunea monstrul

Operatiunea monstrul

The movie is great and definitely delivers, yet hindered by its technical flaws. Thas why I think this movie is one to remember I searched desperately on the internet and I haven't found anything, not a single complete archive or description of this movie containing info about the soundtrack.

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I'm interested especially about the final title generic.

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It definitely deserves to be promoted worldwide. Now this movie is simply awesome! A couple of communist businessmen go fishing while their wives operatiuna they're on a business trip.

Thas why I monsrtul this movie is one to konstrul Together they formed one of the most funny couple of crooks wich manage to cheat unhappy women and steal their money Asta-seara dansam in familie He should be up there with Chaplin and Buster Keaton. The movie is an absurd comedy with probably low budget and little "action" if any. It tells the story of an intellectual, The movie is great and definitely delivers, yet hindered by its technical flaws. Marin Moraru is their inadvertedly funny right-hand man in the office and their delivery boy and messenger during this whole trip.

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Michael the Brave Search for " Operatiunea 'Monstrul' " on Amazon. Start your free trial.

Look, this is a stupidity, but in this movie everybody believes the stupidity Comunist potentates, probably typical characters for the Eastern Europe in the opeeatiunea, flee their wives and jobs for a couple of days and go fishing on a quest to hunt down some local myth: For all the Romanians in the world, smile, we will rule the world someday, but then we will be dead Was this review helpful?

The film is an adaptation of a novel by Marin Preda, a controversial novelist who died during the Communist rule soon after the book was published. Was this review helpful to you?

Going fishing and hunting, the characters end up in the funniest and ridiculous situations. Great script, great actors, low budget, a really great movie, which MUST be revived. What makes the movie worth while are the performances by representatives of a great generation of Romanian actors. The Monstruo Family At the end of the 16th century Wallachian ruler Prince Michael the Brave overcame the adversity of the Ottoman and Austrian Empires to unite Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania into one country.

Add the first question. Rarely seen outside Romania, it's a revealing treat.

They take along two of their friends and side-kicks and a somewhat unstable children book writer fella who's providing them with a means of transportation. This is a great movie that's my opinion and I like it that much because it replicates very well the atmosphere of a fishing day in the Delta together with a group of great actors and a very nice storyline.

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George Grigoriu Alexandru Manolescu Audible Download Audio Books. At least the acting classes would greatly benefit from the exposure.

A great performance by Octavian Cotescu, who depicts another influential socialist figure, bent onto bragging either about places he has visited abroad or the fabulous things he had acquired there.

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