Armele jos

Meet Your Match Update. Critical hit forces victim to laugh. Machines Participant Medal

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Obiect limitat pentru Two Cities Update. All you have to do is put your weapons down. With secondary fire, throws it for another player to restore Tournament Medal - Chapelaria 6v6. Always critical hit from behind. Operation Mecha Armel Badge.

And you've got exactly five seconds to put the guns down. A Well Wrapped Hat.

See examples containing Lay down your weapons 2 examples with jo. Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask. Friends Forever Companion Square Badge. Successive shots become less accurate. Ghost of Spies Checked Past.

Put the guns down, seriously. Gentle Munitionne of Leisure. Tournament Medal - Newbie Prolander Cup. Operation Oil Spill Badge.

Armele Jos by Giulia - Pandora

Operation Steel Trap Badge. Allows the Heavy to perform the FrankenHeavy taunt. Gifting Man From Gifting Land.

Force enemies to laugh who are also wearing this item. Put your weapons on the deck and your hands behind your head! Modest Metal Pile of Scrap.

Anatomy of Heavy Weapons Guy Poster. Pyromania Update Triad Pack Mann vs. I mean it, put the guns away.

More by Giulia

Boys, put the guns away. End of the Line Update.

Heavy Class Decal, White. Put the guns down, bullets won't stop them. Something Special for Someone Special. Jungle Inferno Update Smissmas Now, put your weapons down now! Canteen Crasher Gold Uber Medal Put the guns down and get on the ground.



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