Mrtechnicaldifficult outro

Mrtechnicaldifficult outro

Instead of just having in game pictures maybe set up a template for a specific series then go from there. Too Good To Be True. The hardest part is getting your videos out to those who are interested in that content. For example, your Madden videos, or 2k14 GM videos. Show Me How you twerk.

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Your videos have episode names, which is good.

Yes, my password is: I will review your channel if you review mine! The text seems a bit blurry, but that could be the font.

mrtexhnicaldifficult This is against YouTube's ToS, and can get your channel taken down. I actually have the same generic intro and need to get mine changed too. Do you already have an account? The Bro Code Share This Page Tweet.

Overall I think you have a good channel going and with minor improvements as all of us always need to make I can see people enjoying your content. Stay With Me Remix Prod.

MrTechnicalDifficult (Outro), a song by Marvin Divine on Spotify

You must log in or sign up to post here. Instead of just having in game pictures maybe set up a template for a specific series then go from there.

What Do You Want. Marvin Divine - Squad Goals. Too Good To Be True. I see that intro across many different channels, so it looses it's originality and uniqueness. I suggest putting the episode number at the end of the video title.

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Varsity Flow Official Music Video. I noticed you mixed in some, but most appear to not have a thumbnail. Your thumbnails are alright.

Kick It [Bass Boosted]. Marvin Divine-Coming Mrtechnicaldiffiuclt Hat. That was a good touch. Fan Appreciation Day Prod. The theme matches your name, and gives an overall great feeling about your channel from the start.

Your name or email address: You do sound a little bit too over enthusiastic though. Overall Your video content, quality, and commentary is good.

I suggest getting rid of that, because what console it is on mrtechnicxldifficult not matter in terms of your videos.

You can work on a few things, but it's nothing major.

I reviewed the wrong person. Your latest video Madden 25, Ep. I think you are heading in the right direction, and once you start to find an audience you'll begin to grow.

Mrtechnicaldifficult (Outro)

Fan Appreciaction Day Prod. In the sense of not being too monotone and convey a sense of enthusiasm a little bit more. Your commentary is pretty good as well.



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