Belizio regular

Belizio regular

Receive regular e-news bulletins packed with new releases and special offers! This font software is the property of Monotype Imaging Inc. As with everything from Adobe Fonts, you can use these fonts to publish: Copyright Copyright c by Douglas Vitkauskas. You may not reproduce the database portion or create any tables or reports relating to the database portion.

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This software is a valuable asset of Monotype. Mac PostScript off line.


Add to Web Project. If Regluar is unable to provide a replacement or substitute Software Product or corrections to the Software Product, your sole alternate remedy shall be a refund of the purchase price for the Software Product exclusive of any costs for shipping and handling. Multiple copy use or installation is only allowed if you obtain an appropriate licensing agreement for each user and each copy of the Software Product.

PC PostScript off reular.

Even though this typeface family is completely drawn in its original form in all eight sections by hand, it indicates the strong contrast to a calligraphic flair in the darker italic styles. Click here to apply. Complete family value packs. Receive regular e-news retular packed with new releases and special offers! You can learn more about Monotype here: Shipping and physical delivery: Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Costs This Agreement is governed belizzio the laws of California, without regard to California's conflict or choice of law provisions.

You may not use the database portion of the Software Product in connection with any software other than the Software Product. Selection of whether to correct or replace shall be solely at the discretion of KD.

In addition, you may make one archival copy of the Software Product. You may not decompile, reverse-engineer, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to derive the source code for the Software Product.

Beliio Typeface your company. The latest addition icons More Fonts from certain suppliers, e. Severability If any provision of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder beoizio this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. The decisions about what designs to produce and how to craft them draw upon a base of typographic knowledge built firmly on hundreds of years of tradition.

Learn more about OpenType features.

KD makes no warranty that the Software Product will meet your requirements or operate under your specific conditions of use. KD reserves the right to substitute a functionally equivalent copy of the Software Product as a replacement. Fonts for automatic download: The typeface with its classic, clear and open forms appears by its sharp serifs as they would have been set in stone.

Restrictions on Transfer Without first obtaining the express written consent of KD, you may not assign your rights and obligations under this Agreement, or redistribute, encumber, sell, rent, lease, sublicense, or otherwise transfer your rights to the Software Product.

You have obtained this font software either directly from Monotype or together with software distributed by one of the licensees of Monotype. This font is not freely distributable. This Software Product is protected by copyright laws and treaties, as well as laws and treaties related to other forms of intellectual property.

Belizio—dasauge® Fonts

Copyright Copyright c Typodermic Fonts. Any claim must be made within the applicable warranty period. You may not alter any files or libraries in any portion of the Software Product.

Web To use this font on your website, use the following CSS: Berthold and Font Bureau, are not available to download automatically; your order will be emailed to you free of charge, normally within half an hour of the transaction being completed.



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