More information is available at www. The EyeMags site will automatically create a download page and a version of each of the phones that the EyeMags service supports. It appears that your browser has cookies disabled.

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Apochromatic correction is the term used to describe the highest level of correction utilized to remedy this aberration by imaging red, green and blue light at a common focal point, therefore generating excellent image quality and outstanding color rendition right into the periphery of the lens.

Because Kepler-type systems eyemaggs the incoming light beam through the lens elements, an additional erecting prism is required. Anybody can create EyeMags through the EyeMags website. If the defective vision changes, corrective lenses can be easily replaced at any time without having eeyemags modify the loupes.

Various visual defects such as shortsightedness and farsightedness, as well as astigmatism can be compensated. Unfortunately, high magnification always leads to a reduction of the visual field. As a result, root canals or fractures laying in shadows can be overlooked.

The headband ensures that the weight eyemafs evenly distributed and thus ensures more comfort. Please enable JavaScript and reload this page. Can I use medical loupes despite my defective vision?

Content applications are built by the server using WRT widget technology. Source for resolution and increase of visual performance Influence of loupes and age on the near visual acuity of practicing dentists. High-quality, shock-proof protection for your medical loupes and accessories.

EyeMags, easy mobile content creation, adds S60 Touch support

Choose a magnification eyeags from 3. What are the benefits of flip-up loupes? ZEISS medical loupes can be adapted to the personal interpupillary distance at any time.

TTL loupes, on the other hand, are specially configured and manufactured for the user. This also applies to the first use after delivery.

However, due to the compact size, it is only possible to realize lower magnification factors. In dentistry, the following magnification levels are common depending on the specialization: If the measured value lies exactly in the center of two available working distances, select the larger working distance to support an upright working position.

White light emerging from an object and passing through the lens is dispersed into its spectral colors when it exits the lens. When medical loupes are used properly, they will not cause damage to your eyes.

EyeMags, easy mobile content creation, adds S60 Touch support

It is possible to insert corrective lenses eyemavs the titanium eyeglass frame. The advantage for publishers is that these applications are automatically available for all other phone types at the same time. With a light source mounted on head-worn loupes, it is possible to achieve virtually coaxial illumination almost parallel beam path to the optical unit.

It appears that your browser has JavaScript disabled. Flip-up loupes allow the wearer to move the eyepieces out of their visual field whenever they are not needed. How do I select the right medical loupes? The website requires your browser to enable cookies in order to login. Furthermore, corrective lenses can be inserted at any time — please contact your optician. With poorer vision, eyemaggs resolving power deteriorates accordingly. Shields the objective lens against splashes and particles.

They are not intended to be full blown, feature rich, applications. By squinting or leaning over, it is possible to improve eyemqgs resolution briefly. What is your experience in working with magnification?



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