Yuusha yoshihiko to maou no shiro

Yuusha yoshihiko to maou no shiro

They spend the day at village and find out during the night that the villagers are zombies who infect Murasaki. The group faces off against an overzealous husband who neglects his chores and his fed-up wife. They then go to a village that has an evil aura around it, and find that there are only men in the village, with not a woman to be seen. Use the HTML below.

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Add the ro question. He's accompanied by a license official who gets Yoshihiko to practice with him. While fighting another monster, Danjo becomes confused and attacks Yoshihiko, putting him in the closest village clinic.

Amane Village is their last destination before the Demon King's castle. Yoshihiko is guided by a comedic Buddha, and accompanied by an incompetent wizard, a woman who wants to kill Yoshihiko because she thinks he killed her father, and a warrior who will kill Yoshihiko as soon as the warrior finishes telling Yoshihiko his stories.

Hisa 12 episodes, To prepare for the final battle he sends them to the inventor of Estas Village, who is to make their equipment.

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Yoshihiko 12 episodes, Haruka Kinami He messes up and bring back Yoshihiko and the four go on to new adventures. When they finally reach the mountain god's shrine, things take an unexpected turn.

Now the village held a sword-in-the-stone test to see who will be the next hero, which Yoshihiko passes. Edit Did You Know? Retrieved September 20, They all have an idea of what they want, but Yoshihiko is accidentally forced to become a Teen Idol.

Yjusha arriving, they gain audience with the King. They defeat him only to learn from the Hotoke that it wasn't the actual Demon King, but only his governor.

Never-Loose Lawyer Komikado use his way and understanding of the spirit of law win every case on the court of law. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The Monsters cast a powerful transform spell and turn into doppelgangers of the party. Saburo Shun Yuushq is a high school student good in sports, but not very good with maoy studies. To begin paying off her mother's debt, Mirai begins Retrieved from " https: The four discover their inner personalities without their soul, and in the end manage to imbue a sword with enough power to destroy the cave monster.

The group won't be able yoshihhiko reach the castle without the help of a flying carpet, which is fortuitously up for auction at a tiny auction house. The party end up fighting the final boss due to a bug and die. She became a temporary employee but was even laid off.

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Afterwards maoh seal the monster ask Hotoke to take them to heaven. Yoshihiko's village is about to be overrun by demons, so the village elder decides to gather the young men in the village to choose a hero fit for following Yoshihiko's footsteps.

The guardian supposed to cure their infection, was himself infected by having sex with a cute zombie. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Hotoke 12 episodes, yuusga Yoshikiko further goes to the world of Mario Bros.

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When Buddha tells them that there is one more item to be found, the Ring of Life in the Fairy Village, he fails to tell them where the village is located. The Hero Yoshihiko returns with his three companions to find a mystic key that seals away monsters.

Danjo is the first one to note the importance of Yoshihiko's Beckoning Sword.



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