Absolute obedience zettai fukuju meirei

Absolute obedience zettai fukuju meirei

Actually the last heir to a wealthy family that was supposed to be killed in the war. Following each possible dialogue path will get you everything, but you will still need to start the game over multiple times. As a hobby Louise breeds horses , mostly those of the German Steier breed. Louise is very cultured and high-class and takes pride in his manners and charisma as well as his wealth and political influence. Martin Adenauer himself, who wants to eliminate a roadblock to his real estate development plans.

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Ashraf Ali Ibrahim Voiced by: A high-ranking police officer who seeks revenge for the death of his daughter, who avsolute killed in the crossfire by the police during one of Silvio's heists.

Install it, post the crack bla bla bla and play it if all goes well without problems. It is mentioned in the game that "Louise did not lose his smile in a world like this, even though his heart grew cold".

Also, each mission is given a grade: Always sure of himself, Louise is very good-looking, but sometimes his big mouth gets him into difficult situations. When the secret missions have been completed and you restart the game, the image on the main page changes.

If the "D" ending is not available, no dialogue fork will appear and the game will continue directly to the indicated ending.

His childhood was also unhappy, though for a more tangible reason than Louise's, and as a result he is reluctant to go back to the rough neighborhood where he grew up. The primary goal is to fulfill zetyai client's requests and complete the mission. And hopefully for Absolute Obedience VN.

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You'd need to extract the. He has a German Shepherd named Tigg. Quick search Advanced Search. His military rank is Second Lieutenant.

Absolute Obedience

He never shows his emotions and for that has attained his nickname, the "Masked Man". Schwarz Kreuz, aka Sylvio Wenzel. Also be careful to save after you receive the secret missions so meireo you can go back to them later if you want to without replaying. His left arm was badly scarred by the fire.

Results 1 to 3 of 3. But he suddenly left his job to become a soldier in the German army. If possible, can you please upload a torrent?

Therefore, it is rather difficult to get every ending and every scene without help. One of the two main characters in the game. Game interaction is extremely limited, as Obedienfe Obedience is a visual novel. And that's why you came here. He could never look at it without getting sick, until Louise told Kia to see it as an honorable wound from defending a Lady.

He loves cigars, and usually has at least four beautiful women at his side. Zettai Fukuju Meirei I'm planning on actually purchasing the disc for this game instead of downloading it for free online. He rides a motorcycle and is excellent with guns and explosives of fukjju sorts, as well as hand to hand combat.

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Yes, the one I'll be buying is the English version and has subs thank goodness. I'm thinking that since it's liscensed and availiable in the U. Yoshino Hiroyuki A soccer ace who is moving up in the sport.

Be careful not to save over your "A" game. Btw, my system is Windows 7, 64Bit. Heeey you're link is still suspended absoltue I really want to play this game His overactive imagination and his narcissistic personality are his weak points.



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